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Rupankr Institute

Rupankr Institute of Film, TV & Theatre


Guru Shree Pravat maharana led Rupankr Institute since three decades with a mission to promote the understading of art litreature and culuture in genaral and theatre , film and electronics media in particular . RUPANKR INSTITUTE OF FILM , TV & THEATRE offers training and classroom teaching in acting, direction ,art direction, cinematography(camera operation) , sound recording, dubbing, anchoring, news casting, modelling, editing by experienced teachers of various mediums with exposure in various mediums with exposure in various TV serials in the making.

Rupankr Institute formed by a group of qualified professional actors, directors, writers and people from other branches of the film industry joined hands with Guru Shree Pravat Maharana, who is basically a Post-Graduate from the drama department of Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya , Bhubaneswar with a vast experience in the field of acting , direction design / art direction and other crafts of film making , play making and Television production , that gave birth to rupankr Instiutute of Film, TV & Thratre that provides academic knowledge in concerned mediums through one year diploma course in acting , direction , design, art direction, cinemautography,sound recording , editing, mdelling,anchoring and news casting ; and also six months and three months cerificate course.

Rupankr Institute Of Film, TV & Theatre is in the drive of making films, tele-films , television serials to accomodate its passed out students who can get ventilation to keep their foot in the film industry as actors , directors and other concerned streams .

Rupankr moves with a mission to create a harmony in expressions of all these mediums culminating talents from its schooling of students in RUPANKR INSTITUTE OF FILM , TV & THEATRE with due promotion of students in films and television channels.

Rupankr Institute